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Jul 4, 2009

After that arduous way up and down Mt Tapyas, our next stop is Maquinit Hot Spring, perfect way to treat our aching muscles. A few minutes of trike ride from Mt. Tapyas we arrived Maquinit. They actually have an antrance fee of PhP 100 but it's already part of the tour package we paid to Coronwonders.

This is the only known salt water hot spring in the Philippines, probably because it is situated between the ocean and the mountain and possible salt water contamination made this happen. It's temperature would range up to 40 degrees, really hot on first dip but its therapeutic effects relieved the leg muscle pains I felt from climbing Mt Tapyas.

Our dinner, prepared by coronwonders was served on one of the cottages of this resort. We had adobo and fried tilapia with matching manggang hilaw, kamatis and sauteed bagoong (yum!) on our first night here in Coron. It's a must that you rub on mosquito repellant as mosquito bites sting like hell and so itchy....

I like the place, a saltwater hot spring is unique. But the owners have lots of room for improvements. For one, mosses are evident just by looking at the waters. I hope they do something about it and have it cleaned on a regular basis. The place has plenty of roaming cats and dogs and they would circle around you while your eating, good if they all have anti rabies shot but what if they don't. But there's one dog who is really "gwapo" whom I feed with my adobo, wishing I could just take him home :)

Afterwards, we call it a day and head on to Darayanon to recharge for the next day's much awaited Coron Island tour.


  1. It brings me back to days when I still take a bath in a hot spring, every morning, the whole year, sa gitna ng gubat. Damn it! I am so missing it.

  2. @acrylique.... really, wow where is that?