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Apr 3, 2010

When I heard of this book through my newspaper readings, my urge to grab a copy became more heightened. I was already planning to purchase it online since most National Bookstores I've checked had run out of copies. I made one last effort to check National Bookstore when I happened to pass by Megamall while waiting for a friend, and lucky for me, fresh copies have just arrived selling for 200 pesos each.

My objective here is to be more informed of the factual happenings during the Aquino regime. Is CORY really the ICON of DEMOCRACY? That has been my question since I don't share the popular opinion that her regime brought back democracy, unity, reconciliation and progress to this country. I was in high school when she assumed power and I can still recall some major events that happened during her time that totally contradicted that public notion. She overthrew Marcos but she didn't uplift the lives of the Filipinos and much worst the country is still divided and poor. The economy was in disarray and I will never forget the power crisis that resulted in 10 to 12 hour daily blackouts. Add more to the fact that it was during her regime when major disasters hit the country that claimed the lives of thousands of people. Remember the devastating 1990 Luzon earthquake, the Mt. Pinatubo eruption, the massive flooding due to a strong typhoon in Ormoc City that claimed around  6,000 lives and the sinking of the MV Dona Paz. Her regime is for sure one that will never be forgotten.

Greed and Betrayal is written and published in 2000  by veteran journalist Cecilio Arillo as a sequel to his earlier publication, the bestseller and award winning book, Breakaway, The 1986 Edsa Revolt. He is a columnist and reporter of Manila Times who exposed the corruptions, human rights violations, gross misgovernance, hatred and vengeance of the Marcos, Aquino and Ramos regimes. He had his travails under the three administration, was incarcerated during Marcos rule, arrested and charged with rebellion during Aquino administration and was implicated with kidnapping and murder during Ramos regime. When his name was finally cleared of all these charges, he started what a journalist ought to do, write a book!

The book chronicles the events that took place during the Aquino administration. It details the sins of a vindictive regime, including well-documented instances of greed and betrayal of those who brought Cory to power in 1986. It also documented how the so-called “Kamaganak Inc.”  tried to surpass the Marcos plunder in scams and anomalies. The cannibalization of so many Cory administration-sequestered corporations by the Presidential Commission on Good Government’s fiscal agents also came to light. The betrayal of the tenants of the farmers of Hacienda Luisita and the infamous Mendiola Massacre. The heavy influences of the oligarchies, the powerful and wealthy families represented by the Lopez Family, etc. and the several "coup d'etats" that occurred during that time. It has several pages of "Notes and References" that will prove that this is not a black propaganda meant to destroy the candidacy of Noynoy Aquino.

Reading this book felt like a  breath of fresh air from the usual "hallelujahs" that the yellow camp continually feed the unsuspecting public.

The late President Cory Aquino for me is no doubt a good person but being ill equipped to lead a country proved to be disastrous during her regime because she was helpless and clueless against the factions, the mighty oligarchies, the Kamag-anak Inc. included, that maneuvered for positions of power behind the throne. She became more of a Cult Leader rather than a President. Now, my biggest realization is that Noynoy is following the same route her mother took and surrounded by the same people that controlled her mother's administration. If only Noynoy has half the intellect and the leadership qualities of his father Ninoy Aquino, only then will I agree that he has the capability to govern this nation and stand up against the maneuvering of the powerful but that is evidently not the case with Noynoy.

It only goes to prove that Presidency is no joke and installing a popular candidate with a good heart but lacks competence to lead a nation is a  sure road to failure. I strongly believe that the most important qualification of a President is COMPETENCE above all, followed next by integrity. If competence is deficient no amount of integrity will compensate for the  lack of it especially  if one is surrounded by powerful people with greed and vested interests.  

As one columnist wrote, "A government by the elite is for the elite leaving the rest of us to scramble for the crumbs that fall  from their tables. Let us not betray ourselves by continuing to put in power those who represent the interests of the elite."

Having read this book, I can safely say, I'm 100% was never and will never become a victim of the yellow fever.

Greed and Betrayal is an interesting and must read for every Filipinos.

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  1. Every Pinoy should have a copy of this. Truly an eye-opener :) They should especially read it during the EDSA People Power Anniversaries. You know, to get pissed XD

  2. According to Kit Tatad, Wala daw pakialam si Cory Aquino sa Filipino People. If She's a good leader and person, she should have had sought for a good economic adviser to fix the Philippines..

  3. san pwd i DL ung book?
    puro error ung link eh

    1. You can buy the ebook from Amazon