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Aug 10, 2010

Who doesn't ??? I heart freebies especially when I'm not expecting to receive any ღ♥ღ!!!

Just this week, I got two, one from, a Gift Certificate worth 1000 pesos of eyelashes services from Lavish Lashes and another one from Canon Pixma, a Calvin Klein sunglasses worth 6000 pesos. Thank you so much!!!

Curious how I got them?

I've been a regular reader of and a senior girltalker at their FN forum Girltalk though I dont normally join their promos that require extra effort but this promo got my attention coz that eyelash extension looks gorgeous and the promo only requires me to leave a comment on that article and so I did, just one comment! After a week, I checked my email and opened my spam folder and to my surprise got a congratulatory letter from FN and not a spam mail that needed to be trashed. I checked their website to be sure and my name was included in their list, thanks a lot FN, my name was there. The list is here ... I'll be scheduling my trip to Lavish Lashes within this month and have my eyelashes done, hopefully it will look good and you'll see me posting my eyelashes here soon... :-)

The sunglasses freebie from Canon Pixma was unexpected as well. I was supposed to have my old Canon printer converted to Continuous Ink System and pay 2,300 pesos for the services. I went to Ink Rite to have it done but I was so unhappy with the print quality when I had a print test. Ink Rite said that the problem was the print head coz its 1yr old already, I didn't agree with them since I just printed good quality of 2 A4 size photos  to empty my original ink cartridge just before I sent it for CIS conversion. In short, after so much ado, CIS does not go well with photo printing, so I had it removed and just spent the money to buy a new printer. I scouted instead for a new printer and decided to get the Canon Pixma MP258 printer, a 3 in 1 printer that has scanner and copier for 3,195 pesos at PC Gilmore. Surprising enough since the sales personnel at PC Gilmore didn't even mention about this promo, when I opened the printer box at home, it included an envelope that says you can claim your free branded shades by just completing their requirements and have it sent to their main office. Without exerting too much effort, completed the requirements, choose and rank my preferred eye wear then mail it to Canon and after 10 days, I have a new sunglasses sent to my address, the price of which is more expensive than the printer I bought. Isn't that a treat and you have no idea how I love Sunglasses!!!

You can still get hold of the Canon Pixma Back to Cool Promo until Aug 31. Grab it now if your planning to buy a printer....

 And this is my new shades to add to my collection :D