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Nov 25, 2012

I've been collecting Ferrari items from Shell everytime they have a promo. But I got particularly interested with these Ferrari Lego because of that element of fun that goes with assembling them.
Ferrari Lego

I bought this for 180 pesos when I filled up with 1,500 pesos worth of Shell Unleaded Gasoline, it's cheaper by 30 pesos if you use Shell V Power Gasoline. There's a pamphlet showing the step by step instructions of putting them together. I timed myself and it took me 34 mins to finish the assembly, kinda long, a bit rusty, I guess. I think I can do better next time. Anyway, here it is, I totally enjoyed the process and the finished product. There are 5 more models to complete the collection. I got to have them all.

Ferrari Logo
Ferrari Lego
 There's my Ferrari, so far the kind I can afford for now, hehe.