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Jan 10, 2013

Taking pictures is one hobby I won't get tired doing and as such had me accumulated tons of photos that mostly were just stored in my usb, hard drive, memory cards, etc. Gone are the days when we have our film printed by our favorite film developer to be able to appreciate our photos. Everything now is digital and we can view them, share them and print them with just one click.

Well, I found a best way to make use of  some of those photos I've taken, while being inspired by the current photo sharing craze INSTAGRAM .... I made an Instagram wall in my room :-)

Instagram Wall
My Instagram Wall

The materials I used can be found in all school and office supplies shops.

Instagram wall
Materials I used

A foam board to mount your photos (I use kelly's art) , a sharp cutter, a ruler and an adhesive photo paper. It is best to look for acid free materials.

Of course you need a colored printer, mine is a Canon MP258 and it runs in Continuous Ink System so I can print a lot of photos at the least cost.

You can choose the square size you prefer for your photos, I cut mine at 5 in x 5 in.

Instagram wall
5 square inches photo boards
Please use a new blade for your cutter for a more precised cutting, replaced it when its no longer gliding easily when cutting. Layout your photos on an A4 size adhesive photo paper, 2 photos with a fixed size of  5 square inches can  fit in one A4 size sheet. Print your photos, cut your boards and photos accordingly then remove the backing of the adhesive photo paper and smooth them out thoroughly to the foam boards. Once done, lay it out on your desired wall.

I use a double adhesive tape to mount these photo boards on my wall.

That's it, an Instagram wall in my room! :-)

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  1. Great idea! Did you have to do anything for the edges to look nice like that or is that just the way the cut foam board looks when you get the black kind?