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Aug 16, 2009

If you're in Facebook, you've probably came across the FB account of Old Philippines and now a fan. Can't help but feel nostalgic going thru the old pictures and videos of the Old Philippines. If I could only travel in time, the pre war era would be on the top of my list. The simple life, the uncluttered streets, the outfits, the transport system, the structures and the unpolluted environment ... oh what an ideal period to live in.

Whoever created that account in FB, kudos to you for giving us easy access to the glorious past of the Old Philippines. These are some of the photos that really captured my attention .....
I practically grew up in this area, attending sunday masses regularly at Sta Cruz Church with my family and doing our shopping in the Escolta area and to have a glimpse of how these places looked like decades before I was born just amazes me, especially the existence of tramvia as a means of transportation, wow!

Tramways and Calesas crossing what we call now Jones Bridge and Pasig River that looks clean is unimaginable nowadays.

We usually frequent Luneta Park after hearing Sunday mass when I was still a kid and this is how it was in 1900's.

Gloria Romero, the Queen of Philippine Movies during the 1950's in a Coke Advertisement. She's really beautiful....

If your still not a fan of Old Philippines Facebook account, what are you waiting for, check them out here and have a walk down memory lane.

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