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Oct 10, 2010

October 1, 2010 on Mall of Asia grounds, a memorable date with John Mayer while drenched in rain, oh I just love it, sans the umbrellas it could have been a perfect party under the rain if all came with their raincoats/ponchos instead.  I admit it was "BITIN" having waited for him10 years  to come over and entertain his Pinoy fans but nonetheless it was an awesome night. Hats off and two thumbs up to his musicianship, excellent guitar skills and that raspy sultry voice that makes girl fans scream for more.

Aiza Seguerra opened the show at exactly 8pm, she's good but not much were paying attention 'coz everyone went there for John Mayer and the rain stopped during her set but fans wished her act would end soon so John can came in sooner. It took a while, maybe almost an hour before John finally showed up to a thousands of  screaming fans while heavy rains started to pour. Wearing a Motley Cure shirt, jeans and sneakers and armed with two Tagalog words "Kumusta Ka", fans went crazy seeing and hearing John Mayer right before their very eyes. It felt surreal, like a dream come true being  a big fan of his music.

Me and my siblings were seated at the Bronze section, not an ideal spot for a die hard Mayer fan, umbrellas were blocking our line of sight, and everyone was standing on their seats, hassle talaga but if  I came alone, I'd be seated at the VIP section (yeah right that's 12k, girl!)  or probably in the Gold section but since I already promised my siblings I'd pay for the tix, me gotta sacrifice!!! Anyway Mayer  promised to be back sooner, I really hope he meant it.

These were the ticket prices by the way, expensive huh :)  FYI, VIP and Gold section were sold out while Silver and Bronze were almost full.

VIP - 12,000 pesos
Gold - 8,000 pesos
Silver - 5,000 pesos
Bronze - 2,000 pesos
GA - 600 pesos

The rain was at its heaviest when he started the show, a sea of umbrellas was all we could see blocking even the video wall while already standing on our seats but the sound of his voice plus that guitar mastery are enough to make us all ecstatic. He opened the show with the song  VULTURES from his Continuum album and the list goes on below.

John Mayer's setlist:
  • Vultures
  • No Such Thing
  • Ain’t No Sunshine(Cover from Bill Withers)
  • Slow Dancing In A Burning Rooming
  • Perfectly Lonely
  • Your Body Is A Wonderland
  • Stop This Train
  • Heartbreak Warfare
  • Who Says
  • Gravity
  • Why Georgia
  • Do You Know Me
  • Half of My Heart - Don’t Stop Believing(Cover from Journey)
  • Last song: Edge of Desire

Halfway through, the rains started to trickle down, I gave up the umbrellas and almost everyone followed suit, that's when everyone had a blast while soaking wet. We then have a clear view although my digicam in full zoom was already wet but I'm glad it didn't give up on me, still working well.

There were songs that I wished he included in his setlist like Back to You, Neon, St Patrick's Day, Love Song for No One,  Friends, Lover or Nothing, Assassin  just to name a few.

The show ended on a high note with his encore performance "EDGE of DESIRE". It was a night like no other night. Everyone was still on their seat for sometime hungry for more and hoping John Mayer would show up again for one more song but that was it and we still went home with a big smile on our faces. Please be back soon John Mayer. I really don't care if  there's a truth to the rumor that you trashed your presidential suite room in Shangrila just continue to give us good music. You had me at Kumusta Ka, lol  ;-)