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Mar 31, 2011

Think again before clicking that buy button from Deal Grocer, they just ruined my day together with Red Mango, in Megamall. Just imagine this scenario, you went all the way from Cubao to Megamall, so as to catch up the last day offer of the deal you paid for 2 months ago, spent some gas and parking fee and a few hours of your precious time only to be turned away because you were late by 30 mins!!! Is that what you call "CUSTOMER SERVICE" ?!! The Red Mango staff  named Rachel made us wait for some time to clarify with Deal Grocer only to be told, they wont allow it... Guys you just shooed away a paying customer and treated them like a 2nd class citizen, what were you thinking?!!! CONSIDERATION is the word, that coupon deal wasn't for free, we paid for it ahead of time to avail of the promo, it was the last day of the deal, how much would it cost you to provide a little consideration? Wasn't that deal meant to promote the new variant of Red Mango's yogurt? The fine prints read the offer is until 6PM only, oh boy, it was so fine I didn't even notice it. But my point here is, its the last day,  by not honoring the voucher because we were 30 mins late what did you guys achieve? Did it make you richer by 200 pesos? I really hope so!!!

Anyway, you don't deserve our patronage, so I'm taking you out from my list. ENSOGO is far more reliable and considerate and White Hat far more delicious.