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May 31, 2012

We just witnessed history as it unfolds right before our eyes! The top magistrate of the land, IMPEACHED for misdeclaration of his SALN??? Convicted but not proven guilty for a crime that was not even an impeachable offense. Sen Joker Arroyo best explains this point.

To quote part of Sen Joker Arroyo's speech “Impeachment is a political process not a political assassination. An impeachment aspires to be a judicial proceeding that makes imperative that it sticks to judicial rules. ....... "A bill of attainder is a law passed by one House and approved by the other creating an offense where there was none. Inventing a crime out of actions, willful or not, that were innocent when they were performed. It is a legislative act of convicting an accused of acts that were not offenses in the very measure by which he is condemned through a vote instead of a trial on the basis of accusations taken as proof. I cannot imagine removing a Chief Justice on account of a SALN. Today, we are one step from violating the constitution and passing a bill of attainder. No one can stop us if we do not stop ourselves. This is not justice – political or legal. This is certainly not law, for sure it is not the law of the constitution. It is only naked power as it was in 1972. "

As much as I want to believe in the fairness of the impeachment court, I knew from day 1, CJ will be convicted because the senator judges deciding his fate are all politicians with their own political agenda to protect except of course for the few good men whose integrity remained intact.

Congrats, Mr President, this is clearly your victory! You are now the most powerful man in the country controlling the Executive, the Legislative and now the Judiciary! Dont screw it. I hope you can now do your job well as no one can stand in your way and please include in your duties uplifting the lives of the common Filipinos, you have neglected them for 2 years but they still adore you. You have made them to believe that by removing CJ Corona, corruption will be eradicated. Well, you have to prove that because I really don't buy that crap. Mr. President, this time you have no more excuses, no more alibis, lead your people to release their SALN's and sign the waiver to open their bank accounts, that's the least you can do if you're really serious about your "DAANG MATUWID".

To the Defense Team most especially Justice Cuevas, hats off to all of you. You've shown wit, brilliance and class and clearly you could've won this case if it was fairly judged. Your profession look so good you made me want to go back to school and study law.

To the 3 Senators, who voted for ACQUITTAL, you just proved us that your votes have no price tags. Bravo Senators, may your tribe increase.

Senator Joker Arroyo, some are not taking you seriously because of your first name and your last name but you've always been on the top of my list come election season. Your integrity is unquestionable and admirable and your my epitome of a public servant. I hope God will grant you more fruitful years and more wisdom to share.

Senator Miriam, you may be getting the ire of the many blind followers of Pnoy because you speak the truth and it hit them like lightning. Maybe if you were elected President before, our country would be in a better place right now contrary to what Jim Paredes tweeted. Good luck and God Bless on your appointment as Judge of  International Court, you greatly deserve it.

Senator Marcos, I'm really hoping you will run for President because I'll vote for you. Your father may have done some wrong and abused his power but I also believed that your father have done more good for this country than 4 presidents combined. I know you've learned from his mistakes and I don't see vindictiveness in your character.

Thank you Chief Justice Corona, you may have lost this battle but in my book, you're a HERO. You didn't give up despite the pressure, you have been insulted, maligned and cursed but you remain steadfast because your conscience is clear and I know justice will be served in God's time. I will always remember you as the Chief Justice who was removed from office because you went against the will of  the Cojuangco clan but paved the way to the return of Hacienda Luisita to where they rightfully belong. You made that happen CJ and that's quite a feat. Get well Sir and God Bless.

There was a time when I wrote "Ninoy made yellow the color of courage." Now it is the color of bullying cowardice. - Teddy Locsin Jr.

May 5, 2012

Park 'N Fly is an offsite parking in a  multi level covered building that is open 24 hrs and fully secured. It can accommodate 200 cars and provides  free shuttle service to all airport terminals of  the Manila International Airport.

photo taken from Park 'N Fly FB Site
My family have utilized their services twice already and we find it very convenient and cost effective whenever we travel as a family and no one is left at home. So I suggest if you are going out of town or out of the country, you might want to consider parking your vehicle there and be worry free while you're out on a trip. Park 'N Fly offers their services for a reasonable fee of  PhP 358.00 every 24 hours.  So if you are considering flying and want to park your vehicle somewhere safe, consider Park 'N Fly and follow these steps.
  • Check in at their office and fill up the required forms, be sure to give ample time for this to avoid being late for your flight. They are located at the PTT Gas Station, corner of MIA Road and Domestic Road. 
  • They will inspect your vehicle and make an accounting and you'll leave the car keys to the assigned staff. A claim stub will be issued and you need to present this upon your return when claiming your vehicle.
  • A shuttle service will then transport you to your flight departure terminal.
  • Text them or call them and provide them your details as soon as your flight landed in Manila, they will pick you up in no time.
  • At Park 'N Fly, proceed to their office and settle your bill. 
  • You can now drive your way back home.
PTT Gas Station (around 500 meters from Manila Domestic Airport)
cor MIA Road and Domestic Road
Telephone # (+632) 493-0202 Cellular: 0918-991-0000