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Jul 8, 2012

It's a trilogy book written by a first time writer, EL James gaining unprecedented readership and I totally understand why these novels are selling like hotcakes. I got my hands on these after hearing a lot of ladies going gaga over Christian Grey. Curiosity got the best of me since I'm not really a fan of reading romance books, much more with an erotic theme. My taste goes from Robin Cook to Robert Ludlum to John Grisham and sometimes Nicholas Sparks.

I'm halfway the second book, Fifty Shades Darker, after 2 weeks and that means it's taking me long to finish. Well, I'm really put off by too much erotic scenes happening page after page, it's quite repetitive and sometimes comical. I actually skipped some parts, finding it unnecessary and so unreal and those exchanges of lines by Anastasia and Christian are so cheesy, makes me want to puke.

It's kinky, it's graphic, a fairy tale with an x rated tone. But yes, like most ladies, I'm smitten with Christian Grey, the idea of that vulnerable man, fifty shades fucked up but gorgeous looking, brilliant and highly successful man is what most women out there find attractive. The thought that you can make him change and live happily ever after is a foolproof formula to make every girls swoon. And just like Anastasia, I'd try to hold on to some extent even if it entails getting hurt in the process just to see how far it would take for Christian Grey to come out of the dark and become a changed man.

The title of the third installment is already a giveaway of how this story will fold up. I'll probably continue my reading but Fifty Shades Freed sounds happily ever after and  I'm already hearing all those giggles from mommies, grannies and ladies in waiting, no teens please, lining up for the movie's release. I might watch it if ever and hoping the movie version will be a lot more tolerable ;).