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Jan 21, 2009

It was Jan 6, 2009, my sister called me while I was taking my lunch coz I got a phone call from Shopwise..... I wonder what it was, maybe a promotional offer whatsoever but I took it nonetheless (well I have a habit of not taking calls from unknown individuals who would just waste my time especially when I'm in the middle of doing something important like eating my lunch). Anyway, to my big surprise it was a call to inform me I won one of the consolation prizes of their Christmas Promo. I remember then that I submitted quite a handful number of raffle tickets I got when I did my Christmas grocery shopping last Dec 21. Well, there were few pieces left that I wasn't able to fill up because my hands were quite tired writing the same thing over and over again and I said my chances of winning is very remote considering the bulk of entries that will be raffled. I didn't submit it on the same day I did my grocery shopping, but I made sure I will drop it off the day before my Christmas vacation since I wont be in the Cubao area during my Christmas break. Anyway, I didn't win the grand prize which is a Chevrolet Captiva ( I was actually hoping to hear this from the girl who called me but I already have a feeling just from the tone of her voice, that I just won a consolation prize). But then still its a big blessing and I thank God for this gift ........ A 20,000 pesos worth of Shopwise Gift Certificates

Here's a scan copy of the letter I got from Shopwise with my winning raffle ticket....

Well, this is a valid proof that raffle promos from legit companies really work ........ you're either lucky or not (once upon a time I also won a ducati bike, well I'll tell you about it next time) .... for now I must say this year started really good for me!!! Im hoping it will continue till next year. I really pray so .......

My 20,000 worth of GC ..... yipppeeee!!!

this is it........ dont ask me how I spent it, hehe but one thing for sure me and my family benefited from this gift



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