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Nov 16, 2009

Still flip-flopping whether to travel solo or just cancel my plan to visit Taiwan. Originally there was a bigger plan but things happen for a reason and I'm really happy  for my friend because her wish just came in a little earlier and she's got to let go of the plan. But still she promised to pay for my air ticket if I push through, well of course I'd love to grab it since my visa has already been approved. My sister, cousins and some friends showed interest to join me but the hassle of applying for a visa turned them off plus considering the time constraints involved as my visa is expiring by Nov 25 and I need to leave before that date.

I haven't tried traveling alone for pleasure but I've done so on a business trip. I guess there's a big difference! When your on a pleasure trip alone, picture taking, getting lost in directions and in translation and eating by yourself would be the biggest challenge but the chances of meeting new friends are higher and the sense of accomplishment is bigger, so I guess it isn't bad at all. Actually, I admire those solo backpackers who can go on trips abroad, came back as a better person  and truly have a blast, that's really a feat worthy to be proud of, a challenge I would like to do anytime soon but would require a lot of preparation and I think I'm not yet equipped to go this soon. Well, there's still a chance that I won't be traveling by myself yet, my cousin is on her way to process her visa tomorrow after a week of gathering the required documents and hopefully she'll get the approval within this week so we can schedule the trip before my visa expires! Yey, there's still hope, crossing my fingers :D