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Dec 9, 2009

If you happen to visit the ongoing World Bazaar Festival 2009 from Dec 4 to Dec 16 at World Trade Center, please try to check out Tabemasho's food stall selling Takoyaki Balls. For those with no idea what takoyaki is, which is very unlikely since Pinoys have grown to enjoy this japanese delicacy, its actually a japanese dumpling made of batter, diced veggies and baby octopus that is baked or grilled then topped with special sauce, mayonnaise and fish shavings. Nowadays, its hard to find authentic tasting takoyaki balls, some vendors have modified it to make it more affordable, seeing less of the tako which is the octopus and more on the batter and veggies and some meat extenders.
My friend who owns Tabemasho is actually proud to tell me that she uses the finest ingredients to make takoyaki balls, you can actually see the main ingredient tako while her sauce and toppings are really japanese tasting. I really can attest to that claim. Actually I had to try the other takoyaki balls seller at the World Bazaar which is MUSASHI to make a good comparison and I can really tell the big difference, aside from their price which is more expensive by 15 pesos, well maybe because the size of their balls are bigger, it has more batter but less filling. My unbias verdict, TABEMASHO tasted and priced better!

Anyway, if your a takoyaki balls lover, try them both at the World Bazaar and make your choice.


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