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Jan 10, 2010

After relentless trips to shopping malls, bazaars, tiangges and the like, draining my wallet and my savings, attending reunions, parties and get together, eating, eating and eating with my waistline ever increasing, braving heavy traffic and heavy volume of crowd, now everything is back to normal!!! While holiday season is fun, crazy and cheerful, for me nothing beats a peaceful environment where I can get back to my comfort zone and do my usual stuffs like blogging. Its been a month since my last post and this will be my first entry for 2010. But before anything else, here's wishing everyone, a blessed 2010!!! May every Filipino enjoy 3 meals each day and may we be spared from the threats of natural and man made calamities!!!

Based on experience, it's futile for me to make resolutions, so I didn't make one. But there's a guideline which I posted earlier in this blog that I really would like to cultivate.

Just sharing, here's a video of our fascinating countdown celebration to 2010. We deviated from our usual out of town celebration of new year and went right into where the real action is, getting away from the hazardous noise and air pollution in our neighborhood, the reason why we always go out of town on New Year's Eve. Now we've found a perfect alternative, its the GMA7 countdown party at the bay area of SM Mall of Asia with awesome fireworks, good show, good food and very organized event!!! KUDOS GMA and SM!!!



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