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Feb 10, 2010

I can't seem to get my groove back in blogging. Is it a simple case of writer's block or just plain laziness??? There are plenty of subjects I can talk about like the last movie I've seen in 3D format, Avatar, which is visually stunning that literally took my breath away, the start of the national campaign period coz  I'm rooting for GIBO or the guys I've spent time with at night .... well its not what you think, you dirty minds! ^^ Since I've discovered the website, my blogging and sleeping patterns have changed. The historical epic drama series, Queen Seon Deok started it all and right now having fun watching the movies of Kim Nam Gil and Kim Rae Won, my two most loved Korean actors. But going back to QSD, this excellent historical drama series from Korea is currently being shown at Kapuso station, GMA7 but each episodes left me hanging everyday so I have to find a way to watch it continuously and without commercials. It took me two weeks to finish the 62 episodes, spending an average of 4 hours everyday from 11pm to 3am. I usually fall asleep upon arriving from work and widely awake during those wee hours. Although I'm done watching the entire series at, I'm still catching it regularly at GMA7, the tagalog dubbing is more entertaining than the english subtitles. Girl power rules in Queen Seon Deok and the loyalty of the Hwarang boys are admirable aside from being eye candies. Watch out for the character of  BIDAM, it would probably take a month or more in GMA7 before making his first appearance, a complex persona, an  a**hole at first but would capture your heart in the end.... Watch it and be awed, excellent storyline, excellent cast and excellent production!!! ♥♥♥

Just updating.... maybe that will do for now. I'll be blog hopping and entrecard dropping  in the following days, I definitely miss my friends in the bloghosphere .....