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Nov 21, 2010

Groupons or Group Coupon deals are becoming the new online buying craze here in Manila. I for one, have registered to most of these sites, subscribing to their email alerts so as not to miss any great deals these websites have to offer. I think these different groups just started almost simultaneously this last quarter of the year and so far based on my experience, these are the ones offering legit deals that are quite a steal. 


I came across ENSOGO via one Facebook Ad that appeared on my side bar. There started my affair with GROUPONS, I clicked it and then right after that just found myself registering to avail the deal of that day which is the CLAWDADDY 60% discount deal. Read my Clawdaddy account here.

Click photo to direct you to ENSOGO

Of course before finalizing my first groupon purchase, I did some quick research about the group behind these company and check some actual accounts of people who already availed their services. I'm glad that my first transaction with them went smoothly without fail. Mode of payment can be through credit cards and bank deposits but the most preferable is via Paypal, more hassle free, secure and you'll get your vouchers in your account as soon as payment is made.


CashCashPinoy works the same way as ENSOGO. Different deals will be offered for a limited time. Subscribed to their email alerts so as not to miss a great deal. I bought their 70% off  90 min Hilot Body Massage with Foot Therapy from Shui Hilot Spa.  Already called the merchant and I'm scheduled to have this next week =)

Click photo to direct you to CASHCASHPINOY


These group were the first to offer group coupon deals here in the Philippines. The only requirement here to make your purchase final is for certain number of people to join the deal. If they meet the number, you'll get your vouchers, if not, the deal is off but you will not be billed.

Click photo to direct you to Buyanihan
My first Buyanihan purchase was the KAMASUTRA CAKE from Good Spirit . This deal is still ongoing as of the moment, I bought some pieces to give to some of my colleagues this Christmas.


This is the newest groupon deals I've seen lately and works the same way as BUYANIHAN.  I already registered and just waiting for a good deal to come up. Their very first deal is still up, a 50% off BELO Facial Service with Doctor's Consultation for only PhP 810.

Click photo to direct you to LOCALROAM

These are just among the notable e-commerce website offering groupon deals that I have registered and transacted with. I'm always excited to see each one's next deal, they are always trying to outdo each other and that's really good news for every consumers like us. Just a word of advice. always read the FINE PRINTS for each deal before making a purchase and don't be too excited but wait for a while before clicking BUY, just be aware of the time the deal will end so as not to miss it.  If you have credit cards, sign up for a PAYPAL Account, it will only take you a few minutes to have one. Paypal is the more reliable, convenient and more secure mode of payment for these Groupon Deals.

Happy Groupon Deals hunting everyone!



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