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Mar 12, 2013

The list of winners have already been revealed and I'm glad I've seen most of them and if I have to make my own list of winners on my own standards of a good movie, hmmm I'm no PRO not even a little but I love watching movies that inspire, make me laugh, and those that provide intense feelings that puts me at the edge of my seat, that's why I'd like to share my choices and my primary criteria are as follows:

                                     -  it must be compelling
                                     -  there must be a sense of redemption at the end
                                     -  a triumphant feeling that can move me to tears

Having said that, rounding it to 4, my nominees for Best Picture would be :


With ARGO taking home the Shie's Asylum Award. Yes, I'm in 100% agreement with the OSCARS. You will really root for ARGO once you've seen it.

My Best Actor award, hands down goes to Daniel Day Lewis as LINCOLN. I can't even name someone as second close or a distant second. While watching the movie, I didn't see Mr Lewis only Abraham LINCOLN, He's really that excellent. I adore this actor.

While Jennifer Lawrence has got that acting spunk and is very likable, for Best Actress, I'm leaning towards Jessica Chastain for the movie Zero Dark Thirty and Naomi Watts for The Impossible as second close. Silver Linings is a fun movie to watch and I love the actors that excellently played their parts but I don't feel that it is of the same level as the other nominated films.

For Best Supporting Actor, Christopher Waltz (Django Unchained)  highly deserves the award and Alan Arkin (Argo) as distant second. 

I think Anne Hathaway gave a very compelling performance as Fantine for the movie Les Miserables and deserves the Best Supporting Actress award but I've yet to see Amy Adams in The Master.

For Best Director, its a toss between Ang Lee of Life of Pi and Ben Affleck for Argo. Well, its Ang Lee who won, I think he deserves it. Although,I wonder why they didn't include Ben Affleck among the nominees, in my book he could've won too!

There it goes, my short list ..........I suggest catch them if you have time ;-)

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