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Apr 26, 2009

Today is International Day of the Dogs!

This entry is dedicated to our dogs Sam and Shandy. Let us do our share in making our dogs feel extra special on this day. Nurture them beyond providing them nourishment, clean water and a clean cage. Our "best friends" could also use a little hug and a regular pat on the head , shoulder and back.

This is our 3 yrs old doggie Sam. A Chinese Sharpei, picky eater but loves Hopia. Always staring at the window whenever my father is outside. Barks so loud when he's left inside the house while he hears my father talked with someone outside. He would mimic a lot of sound that feels like he's crying when left unattended, the sound of excitement and joy when he sees me grab a hopia in our fridge and a lot more quirks that makes him so adorable.

Here is Shandy our new baby, 7 months old and a mixed breed. Before she would eat anything like a "patay gutom" and would finish the food in a matter of 2 seconds but now, somehow influenced by Sam, started getting picky as well. She's like a rabbit hopping up and down running all around the house and would bully Sam and take all his toys. But she knows how to follow simple instructions like stay( for only a fraction of a second!), go home and shake hands.

They are always around to bring smiles and vanish our stresses away. So let's continue to raise our dogs in an atmosphere of nurturing, love and respect.
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  1. Oh I wish I have cute dogs like yours :) They look healthy and happy.

    BTW, I can't find your follow widget ;)

  2. my dog is picky with his food also! before she would eat anything. but now she's picky na. Arte! :D

  3. my dog is picky too! before she would eat anything. but now she's picky na. Arte! :D

  4. Shandy is such a cute puppy! My children's ardent wish is to own a Labrador pup someday soon. :)