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Occassional blogger, photography enthusiast, apparel designer, engineer and a big believer of God. In my spare time I love to create DIY projects or chase the bliss of solitude, sipping a cup of nicely brewed coffee, munching some yummy cookies while reading a good book in a new place with a great view.

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Apr 19, 2009

I'm quite overwhelmed to be receiving this nomination for Filipino Blog of the Week 157 from The Composed Gentleman.

Friends and followers, I'll be asking for your support to vote for me on This Site. The Poll is located on the sidebar, scroll down and look at the right side where Vote Now is featured then tick the box opposite shiezar and vote.

I will appreciate it a lot if you can vote for me once everyday till the end of the week (April 19-25).

Thanks a lot, muah :)
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  1. Shie, I was gonna vote for you but I can't find the post. Can you please provide the URL of that particular post?

  2. hi bingkee :)

    thanks a lot here's the url link, the poll is on the sidebar

  3. hey sis! i've already voted for you. :)