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Aug 25, 2009

Nostalgia is that sentimental yearning for happiness of a certain place or time. I had difficulty looking for a photo that would make me feel nostalgic, sure there are lots of them that needs to be dusted off in one corner of our house but that would trigger my allergy so I just scoured my computer archive to look for a photo that would bring back memories and this is the closest I got.....

My sister and I, with our childhood icons donald duck and daisy duck. Looking at this certainly brought back childhood memories. I grew up watching them on the boob tube together with mickey mouse and the other walt disney characters and always have this fervent wish to visit Disneyland and enjoy a moment with them. That wish took plenty of years to come true until Hongkong Disneyland opened up. It was a funny and ecstatic moment running after this characters in my adulthood feeling like a kid and lining up to have our photos taken. But that was all worth it and would still want to see Disneyland in Florida even if it would take me another plenty of years. :)

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