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Aug 1, 2009

More than a week ago, I got an invite from a good friend to watch the full length film directorial debut of her brother Milo Sogueco. The film was entitled "SANGLAAN" or pawnshop in English, one of the entries in this year's Cinemalaya Cinco Festival. The event was held at the Cultural Center of the Philippines Main Theatre and was a full packed event with cocktails served before the showing.

The movie director, Milo at the center with the rest of the gang and her sister Cha at the lefmost side. This was after the showing after congratulating him of a job well done.

A few days ago, the winners of this year's Cinemalaya film festival were announced and Ms Tessie Tomas got the Best Supporting Actress nod.

While Ina Feleo's acting won the Best Actress Award. I really love her subdued but meaningful acting in this film.

My congratulations to the entire team and to the good ensemble of actors. The awards is a good testament that Milo Sogueco's directorial debut is on the right track.

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