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Sep 23, 2009

Heard about Makansutra when K.F. Seetoh was the guest chef at QTV's cooking show, Secrets of the Master. I had fun watching him display his wacky cooking skills. K.F Seetoh is a popular food celebrity, hosting a show called Makansutra at the Asian Food Channel. He founded Makansutra whose aim is to celebrate Asian Food Culture and Lifestyle.

It got me excited when I heard that Makansutra Asian Food Village has already opened here at the 2nd Flr of Manila Ocean Park near Luneta. I've had good memories of eating in a hawker style setting while I was in Singapore and Malaysia. I love Asian food and I've been craving for Roti Prata and Singaporean Laksa ever since. The place has excellent interiors and cozy ambiance, a far cry from the typical hawker setting normally found in Singapore and Malaysia. It's more similar to the one we tried at the indoor theme park of Genting Highlands in Malaysia.

When we got there, it was a holiday, the place was crowded and you have to line up to order at different counters to get what you want. It was really irritating circling around at several counters and lining up and waiting for your number to be called for each individual order. If your really hungry, this is not the best place to be. Go here, when you can count the number of the diners.

Maybe because of these irritants, the food didn't taste the way I expected it to be. The curry sauce of the roti prata is bland and the rest of our orders all taste the same, too sweet!

And the other irritant is that girl holding a plate behind this queue number prohibiting me to take pictures. It was management order to prohibit photographers and videographers. I asked the girl what's the logic behind this order and she said "to avoid people imitating their food and their logo". Oh well, that's my first time to experience and hear such remark and I think that's really dull!!! Your losing customers by implementing this rule.

Its still worth trying though, if you love to try a selection of Asian Food, this is the closest you can get. For some tips, just don't go here
  • during holidays where it can get really crowded
  • when celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, etc where taking pictures matters a lot