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Mar 28, 2013

What's a BDJ Box, you might ask?

BDJ means Belle De Jour, a box containing beauty products which you will receive once you become a subscriber. Subscription comes with a fee and you can choose among the many affordable packages they offer. The nice thing about BDJ is that they have a 1 month subscription which I picked since I just wanted to try the service, unlike the other beauty boxes on the market which normally require a minimum of 3 months subscription. Here, you have totally no idea what the contents of your box gonna are and that's what makes it more exciting.

Well, let's check out what's on the inside of the March BDJ Box. Was my 480 pesos worth it? Let's see...

contents of March BDJ Box

Actually, if you sum up the cost of each item, the total amount would be around 1,500 pesos. 
But the question now is, do I find anything that I might actually find useful?

Well, one product that I'm really happy about is the L'oreal UV Perfect Sun protection because I just run out of face sun block which is a staple skin care for me and this came just right in time. It's perfect that its SPF 50 and blends well with my skin tone.

Loreal UV Perfect Longlasting UV Protector (PhP 545)

The next items worth trying are the Anti Hair Fall L'oreal Shampoo and Conditioner. I actually had to cut my long curly locks because I'm getting more hair falls than the usual. I'm alternating this with my regular shampoo and conditioner.

Loreal Anti Hair Fall Conditioner and Shampoo (PhP119/ PhP110)
I'm now having less hair fall but I'm not sure if it's because of  this L'oreal products or because my hair is now a little shorter and straighter. Well, I'll have to figure this out later. 

Shine Caresse, Chic Rouge 6ml (PhP 595)
This is Shine Caresse in Chic Rouge shade, a lip stain that has a glossy finish, quite unique in that manner. Its not as long lasting as the other brands I tried but the plus point is that it's not sticky and doesn't make your lips look dry. I use it once in a while because I'm not used to wearing orange colored lipstick.

Loreal UV Perfect BB Max / Youth Code Pre Essence

These are the only two items of sample size, the rest are all full size. I'm not really a fan of BB creams so I'm giving this to my sister and the other tube which is an anti aging skin care product called Youth Code Pre Essence is something worth trying. Let's see if what it's claiming is really true.

Color Riche Les Nail Art (PhP 395)

This item is interesting in the sense that now I have a chance to do nail art for my low maintenance nails. My fingernails are really soft, bends easily when it's longer than my fingertips that's why I always trim them to the tips. Putting this on is a challenge but it's actually very easy and no fuss. Well, I think this nail art gave my nails a bit of a character instead of the usual boring look. It definitely will look better on longer nails but I'm liking it.

Well, it looked a bit rough but since it's my first time putting this on, maybe you can tolerate this for now ;-) . Another thing, the nail stickers lasted for almost a week which is a good thing afterwards they started peeling off, but I'm really glad I don't have to use acetone to remove them :-). I'm actually considering buying other designs, something to put on for special occasions.

Was my 480 pesos worth it? YES, definitely!!!

What are you waiting for? Go check BDJ Box here.
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  1. im glad you liked your bdj beautybox. i didnt enjoy my glamourbox subscription for this month so i think ill switch and try bdj next month =)

    1. i guess its really a case of hit or miss with these kinds of subscriptions, just happened to pick the right box among the lot ;-) ... give bdj box a try :)