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May 30, 2009

BOOKS is this week's theme for PHOTOHUNT
 This photo was taken from  YOGHURT HOUSE, 
one of my favorite eating place in SAGADA.
They have one corner there where they sell Used Books for just 20 pesos.
I was browsing for some interesting read, planning to buy some
when my friend reminded me to hurry up since we 
have a scheduled Spelunking activity in 10 minutes.


  1. thanks magiceye and acrylique :)

  2. Gorgeous! Love the shirt.

  3. The place looks neat, and the girl holding the book, I think I know her. Nice entry, Shie. Happy weekend! :-)

  4. Aloha from Maui, HI

    Great shot!
    Happy photo hunting to you:)
    Cindy O
    Come by & visit:)

  5. So, did you have the time to buy a book? My books are up here.

  6. Sagada is such a magical place for me..

  7. Hope I could visit Sagada too. Happy PH, mine's up as well, hope you can visit.

  8. @femin susan that shirt really attracts attention, haha tks :)

    @thanks yami, the place is a bit small but really neat and has its own charm and character...

    @upcountrysmiles, thanks for droppin by, i would love to see hawaii, a tropical paradise

    @srp i ended up not buying coz were carrying so much baggage and my friend reminded me of the additional weight it would make.

    @golden and @gorgeous nelly sagada is really beautiful, i want to live there :)

  9. aha! huli! nakikibasa ka lang pla dyan,lols biro lang... ;)

  10. @hari ng sablay... oo nga nakikibasa lang, hehe

  11. What else do 20 pesos buy? A loaf of bread perhaps? It's difficult to judge foreign currencies by exchange rates. Therefor, it would interest me, what you get for 20 pesos otherwise...