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May 21, 2009

I wanted to update my blog so after finishing a pack of Marty's Cracklin', I thought why not blog about my favorite snack, my constant companion while bloghopping.

I had my first taste of this snack 8 months ago when a cousin dropped by our place with this on hand. I dug in and tasted it and really thought it was chicharon made of pig skin. But to my surprise, after reading the labels, they call it vegeterian chicharon because it was made from green peas. They claimed that it is 100% cholesterol free. So eating it leaves you with a guilt free feeling- yeah for my heart maybe, but how about my kidney? :) But it really tasted like the real thing, so it's a very good alternative for chicharon lovers who have cholesterol problems.

You can easily buy it now at your favorite supermarkets unlike 8 months ago, when only Robinson's Supermarket carries this item and the stocks usually run out. If you haven't tried it yet, grab a pack for just PhP 16.75, it's a great treat!
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  1. Yummy naman ng snack na ito. Can I have some? :-)

  2. I like that too sis! Mas gusto ko pa yan kaysa sa Cracklings eh. Tama lang kasi timpla for me, I haven't tried the plain salted yet. :)