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May 7, 2009

Xmen Origins Wolverine
If you're looking for hotness overload, don't fail to catch X-Men Origins: Wolverine on the big screen, yeah the big screen!. Don't spoil the fun by buying the pirated leaked version, that's like watching a raw, unedited version and missing all those gorgeous looking guys doing their bigger than life portrayal.

Leading the pack is of course, the sexiest man alive, Hugh Jackman, playing as my most loved mutant Wolverine. This movie will reveal how Logan became Wolverine. His relationships with the rest of the mutants and why he became the cold, emotionless Wolverine that he is now. His journey will bring you to his relationships with his brother Victor aka Sabretooth and the love of his life Kayla Silverfox. The Gambit role went to Taylor Kitsch. I've always imagined him to be this goodlooking, exactly how I pictured him in the comics version. And dont be surprised to know who's playing Agent Zero, he's no other than Daniel Henney, the gorgeous half Korean half American actor who played Henry in one of my most faved koreanovela Kim Sam Soon. Another reason to watch is Ryan Reynolds playing Deadpool. There are talks that Reynolds will reprise Deadpool in X-Men spin off. That's something to look forward to :)

Wolverine's journey is one long run-the-gauntlet scenario, with people pounding on him from all sides until he emerges at the other end as the lone-wolf amnesiac bound for membership in the "X-Men" gang.

Run to the theaters now. Just stick around until the end of the credits for some bonus scene :)


  1. I'm a hugh jackman fan pero konti lang napanood kong movies niya like Van Helsing and X-men series. :)

  2. yami, you should watch Swordfish... yumminess to the high level si papa hugh natin dyan