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Jul 31, 2009

I had to satisfy my cravings for a Vietnamese meal last week so we went to Pho'hoa to had my fix and what I had definitely made my day.

We had fresh spring rolls as our appetizer. This one has rice noodles, lettuce, meat strips and shrimp rolled in rice wrapper and served with dipping sauce that tasted like a mixture of peanut and hoisin sauce. A big thumbs up for this one .... its appetizing indeed!

And for the main event we had Pho Do Vien or simply Seafood Noodle soup! Extremely satisfying, I can finish a large bowl.

Lemon, basil, beansprouts, hoisin and chili sauce, these are the ingredients that will ultimately make your gastronomic adventure more hearty and fulfilling. Use them to flavor your soup by adding them directly to your broth and voila, my day is now complete!

Happy foodtripping peeps!

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