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Jul 20, 2009

"Finally, be strengthened in the Lord and in the strength of his power. Clothe yourselves with the full armor of God so that you may be able to stand against the schemes of the devil." ..... Ephesians 6:10-12

This is an unusual topic but I've got this urge to share this recent experience to acknowledge God's power over the schemes of the devil.

A month ago, my cousin received her Working Visa to Canada. She is the 4th member of the family to have been granted this opportunity to work in Canada, of course acknowledging my uncle and my auntie's efforts who made all this possible.

While waiting for some papers to be finalized, she went home to our province to see her family and friends and say her goodbyes and then came back after a few days. We booked her flight and everything's all set. But 2 days before her flight, that was a Thursday, she became ill and was diagnosed with Respiratory Infection. We had no choice and rescheduled her flight, paying an additional of 6,000 pesos for the rebooking charges. After a few days of medication her fever subsided and so we thought she's already in good shape. But I noticed something really unusual since the day she arrived from the province, I always catch her staring at the window or the ceiling and always in deep thought and not her usual bubbly self, sort of in a floating mental state. I thought, it must be the nerves, young and just got out of school and now will be working abroad .... I will be scared too, I mumbled........

Came Thursday again, 3 days before her flight, we all thought she's already in better shape. I told her to get some morning sun, Vit D is good for the lungs I said, so she went outside for a while. A few moments passed, I heard someone panicking and crying, my cousin was trembling and she cannot breath. My sister instructed her to breath thru her nose, checked her vitals and looked for a paper bag where she can breath. She's hyper ventilating, I said .... that's anxiety attack! We were also panicking but when her vitals normalized, we decided to postpone bringing her to the emergency room.

My father was urging us to bring her to the hospital and even articulated the need to postpone permanently her desire to work in Canada. My father has that habit of over reacting and worrying too much. Of course, I disagreed and downplayed the situation by citing some facts. He listened for a while but still insisted. But after the panic mode died down and my cousin's condition normalized, I talked to her and asked what's bothering her ..... with a little difficulty uttering the words, she finally revealed, she's hasn't been sleeping well at night since the day she came back from the province and constantly seeing signs related to death. Everytime she reads the paper, all she can see are death signs. Puzzled, I gave her reassurance that there's nothing to worry about as long as she puts her trust in the Lord and continually pray for His protection. After hearing all this, only one thing came to my mind, my cousin needs a lot of prayer for deliverance and protection. Somebody must have put a hex or a spell against her when she went to the province. We are not sure who it was but have someone in mind as we can recognized the pattern and the reason behind it .... ENVY, GRUDGE !!! Immediately we know what to do and that is to have her prayed over . I asked my other cousin to call her church and request the church elders to pray for my cousin's deliverance from what's ailing her.

The prayers of the righteous worked like magic, the Real Magic .... sans the rituals and the chantings. I acknowledge the reality of curses because its real, the Bible have mentioned about it plenty of times. And to quote a Christian missionary .....

" The good news is that breaking curses can be surprisingly easy for Christians because we dwell under the protection of the blood of Jesus Christ. Curses have greatest power where the person who has been cursed has committed some great act of wickedness such as involvement in the occult. The reverse is also true, curses have little or no power over a righteous person and Proverbs says that a curse without cause will not alight on the head of a righteous man" .....

That episode is history and my cousin just arrived Canada yesterday in high spirit and full of hope. Thank you God for your unfailing love and protection.
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