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Jul 30, 2009

The truth is, I'm one of those who applauded when I heard her speech, not because everything she said was accurate and true but because it was well delivered and fierce. She may not be popular but no one can discount her intelligence and the dedication she puts into her job. And she looked pretty in that pink terno made by Inno Sotto.

To highlight the main points of her speech ...

1. "I didn't become a president to be popular"
2. "Better health care, more roads, education system"
3. "Kilalanin ang mga magsasaka bilang backbone ng bansa"
4. "Paid the political price to do the right thing"
5. "For standing up with me to do the right thing, thank you Congress"
6. "We have built more and better infrastructure"
7. "Subic Tarlac expressway is an example of building better roads"
8. "We have built airports of international standards"
9. "We are developing wealth through PPO and tourism"
10. "Tourism doubled. It is now a 2B dollar industry"
11. "Cash handouts produced the most effective immediate relief"
12. "Sa pamamahagi ng milyon milyong hectariyang lupa"
13. "Hinihiling ko sa congreso ang pagpapalawi ng CARP"
14. "165 Million Pesos for MicroFinance Loans"
15. "Nakinabang ang isang milyong pamilya sa pabahay"
16. "Our highest rate of inflation is the lowest since 1966"
17. "We increased indigenous electricity"
18. "There is decreased use of fossil fuels"
19. "Taxes should come from tobacco and alcohol, and not from books"
20. "We have provided 8M jobs"
21. "We have decreased the number of poor by 2M people"
22. "My term does not end until next year"
23. "I will fight for the ordinary Filipino"
24. "We cannot be complacent"
25. "Thank God, we did not let our critics stop us"
26. "To the candidates for the next election, build a nation rather than tear down their opponents"
27. "My critics called it dictatorship. I call it determination"
28. "Mabuhay ang Pilipinas"

I'm not going to check the accuracy of those numbers but I've felt developments despite the worldwide crisis and I'll give her credit for that. There's just too many critics out there, that if only words can kill, GMA must be long gone by now. That's why I really enjoyed the part when she finally lashed back at Mar Roxas, Erap, JDV , etc... and to quote her ...

Those who live in glass houses should cast no stones, if you really want something done, just do it. Do it hard, do it well. Don't pussyfoot, don't pander and don't say bad words in public."

“They, who so vehemently oppose Charter Change today, pursued it vigorously when they thought they were going to benefit from it. Now that they won’t, they rally against it.”

I really cringed at the sight of these politicians like they are all pure and clean and have honest intentions to serve the country. C'mon, give me a break!

And to Mr Palengke, everytime I see you driving the padyak makes me want to shut the TV down. That is so pretentious!

Its just unfortunate that a lot of people are being mislead by speculations, like on one paper the headline reads "GMA, hindi bababa!"This is obviously a blatant attempt to mislead the public and poor Juan dela Cruz would readily believe when in fact GMA said she will step down in 2010.

I will take her word that she will step down when her term expires, no more analyzing what she didn't say, leave it to those negative thinkers!

I'm hopeful that next year, real change will happen. Let's get rid of the same trapos we hate. Let's analyze who among those presidentiables can offer real solutions to the problems of our country other than kicking out a president. Let us not equate eloquence with good leadership, gaining popularity because they can charm everyone with their good vocabulary. Good leadership means action and progress, and I have someone in mind who qualifies.

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