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Jun 6, 2009

I'm guilty!!! waahhhh!!! ....

Before getting carried away ....... I'm guilty of using too much of soft 2ply tissue paper!!

I was bloghopping among my blog links and got stucked reading Jason Mraz current post entitled DEEP SH*T. Yeah, I'm actually one of the billion users of soft 2ply tissue paper and a heavy user at that. While I'm advocating friends to live simply and sustainably and
promote a low-carbon lifestyle by using less of the earth's finite resources and conserving energy .... here I found out I'm indirectly contributing harm to my environment... how sad!


To produce this soft, fluppy paper, companies need to harvest billions of virgin trees and that would eventually mean less oxygen in our environment which means GLOBAL WARMING! The effects are even more harmful than the gas consumptions and emissions of our vehicles. Read this article to know better.

SO OUR ASSES ARE IN TROUBLE? (Pls excuse the word)

Definitely! I can't do my regular bathroom business without a soft tissue on hand. One roll could last me 3 days, really! Well, now I know I have to look for recycled tissue paper, no longer soft but at least it will serve its purpose .... And before I give you the wrong notion, my tissue paper use comes before water and soap. I think using more lotion afterwards will do the trick, hahaha....yeah I know its ewww. But really, I will try to use less paper, probably half of my current consumption.

I will definitely look for this KIND since I can't live without a TISSUE PAPER!!!
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  1. That is so RIGHT!!

    Those recycled tissues are better. :)

  2. It made me think twice about using tissue paper. Now I should start looking for cheaper but earth-friendly alternative. Thanks for the info, sis. :-)

  3. i think we can not totally do without tissue paper, but we can absolutely minimize our use. if you can have an alternative, then use it, like use cloth for wiping your desk or removing dirt somewhere on your face instead of using tissue. we can do so much! :)

    where can i get hold of those recycled tissue paper?