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Jun 21, 2009

I'm a creamyholic more than a chocoholic, so anything creamy works for me. This week's theme is so yummy, so here goes my entries ....

DIG IN!!! :)

For more entries visit Photohunt. Happy Photohunting !!!


  1. Aloha!!
    Wish I could dig in there!! Very yummy:) Great take for this week's PH theme.
    Stop by & visit!
    Cindy O

  2. I gather from the second picture that someone couldn't decide what flavor to get... so just take them all!!! Now there is an idea! Mine is up here.

  3. I feel the weight piling on, just by looking at them.

  4. pass me a spoon . . .
    Hope you can stop by to view my photo hunt Thanks so much.

  5. mostly everyone doing the photohunt is posting food-related pics :) works for me too

    mine's here:

  6. Waah, ka-tulo laway!
    Patikim naman! :)

  7. Wala na naman akong entry this week. Lack of old photos and a 'matinong' camera to shoot a new one.

    Ang sarap naman nito! Like the second photo kasi mukhang mas affordable than the first pix. :D

  8. Just passing through from the Photo Hunt site. Great idea for the week's theme. I especially like the ice cream pic. During these hot summer days, I take my children on a weekly visit to the nearest Baskin Robbins in our area. I invite you to visit my choice