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Jun 14, 2009

For this week's theme, I thought of sharing the regular locks normally found in our front yard. Above is our locked Mailbox and below is my father's locked Bike.

Happy Photohunting Everyone!!! For more entries visit PHOTOHUNT.


  1. Hi. I'm supposed to post the regular lock found in every home. Guess what? We don't own one. hehe. A piece of wood serves as the gate's lock.

    *i think my blogging days are's the first day of school tomorrow. :(

  2. Wow. I love the first photo.

    Pwede kaya mga susi ko dyan? :)

  3. Great post

  4. @yami
    sis, you'll find time kahit pa konti konti, ikaw pa :)

    mukhang safe naman ang neighborhood nyo eh, di na kailangan ng lock :)

    ano ba ang mga susi mo, hehe? cge share mo :)

    @digital polaroids
    thanks, i like your b&w shot :)

  5. kanino po bike yan?pahiram naman oh,

    nice shot! :)

  6. hehe. madami ako susi. may Amerilock, Yale, Yamaha, Civic. haha