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Jun 7, 2009

ADVERTISEMENT is this week's theme for PHOTOHUNT.
I'm doing a real advertisement because of my love for SAGADA.
Welcome to another cool hangout, eating place called LEMON PIE HOUSE.
The rustic look outside and the cozy ambiance inside
added more character to this lovely place.

My group had our sugar fix here while in chillax mode,
feeling like we're just in the comforts of our homes.
When you visit Sagada, don't fail to drop by Lemon Pie House
and try their famous lemon pie and combine that with
their freshly brewed mountain tea or coffee.
They also offer regular meals and other equally yummy tasting pies.
That's an egg pie and a lemon pie.... Oh, Im craving for them right now!



    I've heard this pie house before.
    I'm so digging the place.. :)

  2. Both pies really look delicious! But I prefer the egg pie. Must be a hit in Sagada. Wala ba niyan sa Manila or Kyusi? :-)

  3. @acrylique and @yami

    talagang nag ca crave ako haha, sa sagada lang talaga available, matitikman ko lang ulit pag balik ko dun...

    i still have to try their other pies like blueberry... availability is seasonal!

  4. Oh, I love really good, really tangy... tart to make your mouth twist all up in a knot good.. lemon pie! I bet this fills the bill.

    My hunt is up here.

  5. what a cute place! that lemon pie looks good...

  6. Yes, we haven't decided to open another branch elsewhere. So for the meantime, dito lang po sa Sagada. @Shykulasa, balik po kayo. Hope you will share your LPH photos and experience so we can feature you on our blog.

    @Acrylique and Yami, Punta na po kayo sa Sagada. There are so many things to explore aside from our pies. :)

  7. @srp u just hit the right note, yummy! thanks for droppin by!i love your photo hunt entry!

    @janelle, the place is really something, its worth your visit :)

  8. @the sagada lemon pie house

    thanks for visiting me here :)I'll definitely go back there maybe last quarter of this year....
    by all means, you can grab my LPH photos with my experience. Its my pleasure to be featured in your site :)

    More Power!!!

  9. i'll keep this place in mind. We're thinking of going back to Sagada after so many years. That pie looks delish!!

    my PH is up too.

  10. di pa ko nakapunta ng sagada, pro sabi nung pren ko mgnda daw dyan

  11. aaargghhhh! this is the seocond post i've read on the lemon pie in sagada. is this a new thing? kasi when i went there, i haven't heard of this!

  12. @marites worth visiting talaga ang sagada, a lot of new things to explore :)

    @hari ng sablay punta ka sagada im sure mag eenjoy ka :)

    @kg i think its only more than a year old and right now they painted the outside with a striking yellow color, that i still have to see when i go back this year!