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Jun 2, 2009

I'm dedicating this page to my good friend Rickie Abad who showcased his Swimwear Collection last night, June 1 at the Philippine Fashion Week Holiday'09 held at Mall of Asia's Main Atrium. Missing Link is proud of you sister ... excellent job! Keep up the good work!

Rickie's Swimwear Collection

photos by Jory Rivera
The whole gang was there to support our beloved Rickie, well except for you know who.... the forever missing link, what's his name again .... hahaha ....

Oh well Rickie, don't forget my one piece, either the white or the light grey, yehey!!! :D



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  2. ei, what a cool friend you've got..^^

  3. Nice post, Shie. Congrats to your friend Rickie. I love the white swimwear. :-)

  4. sexy cut-out swimsuits... although i think i may have seen it before - maybe in a victoria's secret catalog...

  5. i know I was the missing link that night but was down with a mild flu...not the swine one!!!..i'm so proud of Rickie...congrats ache'!

  6. @utotmopink, definitely has its perks, nakakalibre ako ng swimwear, meron pa nga akong collection ng swimsuits ng Ms.Earth, he's been doing Ms Earth kasi for a few years already :)

    @yami, cute nga nung white, pwede pang icross yung neck line para ibang style naman...

    @janelle its possible some of it were inspired from victoria secret

    @fidel, aba nagulat naman ako at napunta ka dito hahaha, swine flu yan! LOL ... hoy lagi ka kayang missing link ... kita daw tayo sa friday, treat ni rickie :)

  7. I miss shows like these. In the Philippines, my biz involved a lot of organizing fashion shows and I am friends with a lot of designers.
    VEry impressive collection

  8. wow! ang seseksi na swimwear ng kaibigan mo. Ang galing! Buti ka pa at parang may libre swimsuit ka ata.