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Jun 12, 2009

Just saw from the news today that the World Health Organization has just declared a global pandemic alert after 41 years since they declared global flu epidemic in 1968 that killed an estimated of 1 million people worldwide.

Infections have climbed here in the Philippines and everywhere, alarming me and my love ones and I'm sure everyone of us.

Last night my sister brought home some flu vaccines while my other sister who is a nurse administered the flu shots. I've learned that this vaccine will not protect us from this swine flu virus but at least it will shield us from the regular influenza virus for a year. Somehow this would give me a bit of assurance that I'm protected from the regular flu virus and that I have this first line of defense against the AH1N1 virus.

It's been ages since I had a vaccine and receiving this one was not easy, really! But my father was more hesitant, making more excuses to delay the shot, and he is a military man, would you believe? hahaha. Most guys I know are really scared of needles and my father is not an exception but in the end he's got no choice! :)
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  1. Sis, do you have an idea how a vial costs? And where did your sister bought them? Mahal kasi if we are going to avail it thru our pedia, syempre may tongpats na 'yon plus the consultation fee pa.

  2. @miriam
    sis, my sister got it for less than 400 pesos from their company doctor, me extra supply pa yung doctor kaya binili nalang ng sister ko para sa amin. yung cousin ko bumili sa mercury drug around 600+ nya nakuha. parang its a must now noh nakakatakot yung flu....

  3. tingnan mo 'yan ang laki ng tubo ng pedia almost half nung original price ng vial. must na nga na magpabakuna. thanks sis for the info. :-)